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      Declaration from China Wine Platform Group

      China Wine Platform Group

      10 years of legendary milestone, Make CWPL Great Again 

      China Wine Platform Group is the earliest batch of companies operating in imported wines business. The company was established in 2006 and has undergone a decade of branding history. Currently, the group's subsidiaries cover in: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Kunming, etc. Nine branches have nine departments that specialize in imported wine operations: Overseas Purchasing Department, International Warehouse Logistics Department, E-Commerce Division, AngeLive Project Department, Wine Education School, Operations Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, and Finance Department.

          China Wine Platform Group is the sole distributor of Chile's "Montes" brand in China for 10 years. It has successfully established "Montes" as the first-tier brand of imported wine. The international reputation of “Montes” and the winery’s rich product line enabled a new round of strategic cooperation between China Wine Platform Group and Montes Winery. We will continue to maintain the reputation and healthy development of MONTES's products and brands in the Chinese market.

      China Wine Platform Group have been focusing on customer service, marketing, and brand development. Ten years of market precipitation.