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      【Great News】The brand Montes operator Wine Plat Form Group(CWPL) and Jinyu Winery with Vina Montes

      World  premiere for Montes 30th Anniversary new series wine 

      11th March 2018,The brand operator CWPL for Well-known Chile Winery Montes and Jinyu Winery hold the released new series wine dinner at Grand Hyatt hotel Shenzhen

      This sound hold by CWPL and Jinyu Winery, for prove the 30 years’honor, meanwhile thank for the company of CWPL group over last decade, Vina Montes prepared three new series wine for CWPL group to

      The event hosted by general manager Chunhui Li, Commercial Director for Vina Montes Carlos Serrano with CWPL group CEO Gregory Li,vice CEO Jia Liu, Jinyu Winery CEO Chuntian Xie ,many  wine industry elites and supportive friends attend to see this great moment of new wine publish and CWPL boutique wine year.

      CWPL Group CEO Mr.Gregory Li

      Mr Carlos Serrano,The business director of Montes is  explain the history of Vina Montes.

      CWPL group vice CEO Miss Jia Liu explains the whole new series wine to all 

      Jinyu Winery CEO Mr.Xie chuntian make the very first speech.

      Three major new series

      As Vina Montes has been built for 30 years, winery selected 4 typical grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir.


      New series Special Cuvee wine tasting

      published wine tasting

      Communication of wine tasting

      As time goes on with the communication of wine tasting, our event comes to the end.

      We will show you some fascinating highlights later.

      celebrities show up